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Secrets of
Blacktip Reef

What does our 500-pound sea turtle eat, why do our zebra sharks lack stripes and what's the wobbegong shark's favorite hiding place?

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Coral Reefs


These organisms form an important foundation for many ocean inhabitants, from tiny fish to large apex predators like sharks.

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Star-Spangled Spectacular

star spangled

We're celebrating the birth of our nation’s anthem with special offers and exciting events.

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SpongeBob SquarePants 4-D


Join SpongeBob on a wild adventure. See how his big heart puts him oceans above the rest!

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Our Future

Our Future

Follow our progress and share your feedback as we explore the future of the National Aquarium.

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The Great Salmon Run

National Aquarium - The Great Salmon Run

This wild 4-D adventure follows the Pacific salmon on its annual journey upstream.

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