At the time of his admittance, Cougar was fighting pneumonia, infected shell fractures and a joint infection in his left front flipper.


Cougar continued to fight the infections on-and-off for months. Several deep wounds along his carapace required weekly cleaning and bandaging from our team, along with regular veterinary exams and blood draws to test for iron levels and blood cell counts. We closely monitored Cougar with radiographs to track bone loss changes.

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By August of 2014, Cougar had gained more than 4 pounds on a healthy mix of squid, shrimp, capelin and blue crabs. His shoulder healed well from surgery, but he continued to fight an extensive shell infection that required a cocktail of antibiotics and medications.

Over the last three months of his rehabilitation, Animal Rescue staff prepared Cougar for release. During this time, we offered live food to assess his hunting skills and transferred Cougar to a larger rehab pool with a stronger current to assess his swimming and diving ability. After 21 months in rehab, Cougar received a clean bill of health and was ready for release.