Animal Care Center Internship

Animal Care Center interns assist the Animal Care Center's aquarist and herpetology staff with daily care of invertebrates, fish, and reptiles. This position is off-site from the main Aquarium building.

Essential Functions

  • Assist with tank maintenance and cleaning
  • Prepare daily diets and perform daily feedings
  • Assist in the maintenance of work areas
  • Assist in the maintenance of live food cultures
  • Assist with quarantine protocols and procedures
  • Mist, clean, and otherwise help tend to the reptiles
  • Change exhibit water and clean filters to maintain stringent water quality standards
  • Conduct precise record keeping
  • Perform special projects, to be determined by staff
  • Observe medical procedures on collection animals.


  • Must be enrolled in an accredited college, pursuing a degree in biology, zoology, ecology, environmental science, or a related field
  • Must be comfortable working with a wide variety of animals
  • Must complete a minimum of 120 hours of work within the selected term
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds, climb up a 6-foot ladder, and be able to maneuver into tight areas.

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