Creative Services - Graphic Design Internship

Job Description:

Creative Services – Graphic Design intern(s) assist the Marketing Department with the design and execution of a range of printed Aquarium materials.

Essential Functions:

  • Assist in the execution and design of print publications, including ads, flyers, publications, social media graphics, etc.
  • Assist in concept development and arrive at creative solutions that meet the Aquarium’s brand standards and guidelines Respond to general daily client requests—such as locating and resizing images—in a timely manner
  • Gather pricing and becoming familiar with pre-pressing files for print
  • Assist with administrative tasks, mailings, etc. Provide help with the Aquarium’s sample archive and with key-wording images
  • Join the Creative Services team for meetings and special events Complete special projects as assigned


  • Must have working knowledge of Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, and InDesign CS6.
  • Must be able to operate within Microsoft Office systems. Must be proficient with the Macintosh platform.
  • Must be self-motivated and have sharp attention to detail, ability to work independently or as part of a team, flexible personality, sense of humor, creativity, and the ability to manage multiple projects.
  • Must complete a minimum of 120 hours of work within the selected term.
  • Preference is given to juniors and seniors.
  • Open to undergraduate students pursuing a degree in graphic design or a related field from an accredited college or university.

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