• A Blue View: Light Pollution

    The first hours of a sea turtle’s life are the hardest. Once it breaks through its shell and emerges from the sand, it enters a dangerous race to the water. Read More

    Published 5/13/2015

  • Introducing the Osprey Cam

    The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) recently introduced its “Osprey Cam,” where you can see a family of ospreys nesting in Masonville Cove. Read More

    Published 5/6/2015

  • Meet Dr. Ellen Prager!

    In advance of her lecture, “Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime: Celebrating our Ocean’s Oddities,” on May 13th, we chatted with Dr. Ellen Prager about what first interested her in marine science:  Read More

    Published 5/5/2015

  • A Blue View: Galapagos Marine Iguanas

    It takes a special kind of creature to earn the nickname “imp of darkness.” Read More

    Published 5/5/2015

  • Gardening for Wildlife

    Support wildlife and clean water by creating a certified wildlife habitat and native garden! Read More

    Published 4/24/2015

  • Q&A with Dr. Jesse Ausubel

    In advance of our lecture on April 28th, we chatted with environmental scientist Dr. Jesse Ausubel about the past century of oceanic changes and what sparked his interest in ocean exploration: Read More

    Published 4/21/2015

  • An Update On Our Biohut Restoration

    Last June, in partnership with Biohabitats, Inc. and ECOCEAN, the National Aquarium installed eight biohuts along the bulkheads in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We’re excited to announce that after a successful trial run, we’re expanding the program! Read More

    Published 4/17/2015

  • A Blue View: The Technology Behind Baltimore's Water Wheel

    What does it take to collect over 150 tons of floating trash in less than a year? You might expect some kind of futuristic machine, but the truth is, the Inner Harbor’s Water Wheel has accomplished this feat through its combination of old and new technology. Read More

    Published 4/14/2015

  • Report Finds Maryland Crab Cakes are Rarely the Real Deal

    Today, Oceana has offered a sobering perspective on a dish long enjoyed and celebrated in the Chesapeake Bay region: the Maryland crab cake. Read More

    Published 4/1/2015

  • Happy World Water Day!

    World Water Day is once again around the corner! This international holiday is a time to explore our connections with water and reflect on the critical role it plays in our daily lives. Read More

    Published 3/20/2015

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