• What Lives in the Chesapeake Bay?

    In honor of Chesapeake Bay Week, learn about and celebrate the animals found in the largest estuary in the United States.   Read More

    Published 6/6/2017

  • A Blue View: How We Saved the Osprey

    If you’ve ever visited the Chesapeake Bay, chances are you’ve seen an osprey—or at least spotted one of their conspicuous nests. But not too long ago, the osprey was a rare sight. Read More

    Published 8/11/2015

  • A New Day For The Osprey

    If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to make a positive difference for the environment amid all the doom and gloom, the answer is a resounding yes. Need proof? Here it is: the osprey. Read More

    Published 8/4/2015

  • Introducing the Osprey Cam

    The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) recently introduced its “Osprey Cam,” where you can see a family of ospreys nesting in Masonville Cove. Read More

    Published 5/6/2015