Book Festival

Baltimore Book Festival

September 25-27, 2015

Join us at the National Aquarium Ocean Exploration stage all weekend long!

In partnership with the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, the National Aquarium is proud to present a full weekend of FREE programming for ocean and conservation enthusiasts of all ages! Join us in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Rash Field, for programming from 11 am - 7 pm Friday through Sunday.

Programming includes author appearances, special animal encounters, interactive eco-programs and much more.

Schedule of Events

Exploring the Ocean with Photicular Technology with Dan Kainen

OceanExplore the wonders of the deep in Dan Kainen’s New York Times best-seller, “Ocean: A Photicular Book.” Kainen is a New York City artist, designer and inventor with a passion for using art and technology to inspire awe and awareness of our natural world. Using his patented Photicular Motion Viewer, Kainen’s “Ocean” takes the reader on a visual journey through the deep blue. The Photicular technology marries art and science, creating an experience of fluid, film-like motion. Audience members will have the opportunity to engage with a large, interactive version of the Photicular Motion Viewer, illustrating how the book works.

Tooth About Sharks!

Blacktip Reef SharkEnjoy an interactive presentation that will reveal the truth about these incredible aquatic creatures. Explore shark facts and myths. Learn about sharks’ habits, adaptations and diets. Audience participation is not only encouraged—it’s required!

National Aquarium Animal Encounter

National Aquarium - Animal EncountersGet up close and personal with one of our animals! Both kids and adults alike can enjoy this interactive session that allows for audience participation, provides fun facts about the animals and discusses ways to help conserve their natural environments.

Blue Urbanism with Dr. Timothy Beatley

Blue UrbanismThe ocean covers 70 percent of Earth’s surface and is essential to our livelihood. So, how can we design and operate our cities to better protect our blue planet? Dr. Timothy Beatley tackles that question in his latest book, “Blue Urbanism,” which takes an in-depth look at the issues connecting our cities and our ocean—from sustainable fishing practices and renewable energy to public education about marine life. Come hear Dr. Beatley discuss “Blue Urbanism” and the importance of prioritizing a healthy ocean.

Sustainable Seafood Demo with Nutreatious

Fresh ThoughtsChoosing sustainable seafood is a simple way to help protect and preserve our overfished seas. Join the chefs from Nutreatious for a cooking demo and learn a simple recipe for sustainable salmon that you can easily recreate at home.

Blue Mind with Dr. Wallace "J" Nichols

Blue MindJoin Dr. Wallace “J.” Nichols to explore his book, “Blue Mind.” This powerful, universal story of water delves into the physical, ecological, economic, cognitive, emotional, psychological and social benefits of healthy oceans and waterways. By connecting neuroscientists and psychologists with aquatic experts and artists to ask and answer exciting new questions, “Blue Mind” is changing the way we think and feel about water. Its influence is reaching into many sectors, including health and well-being; education and parenting; arts, architecture and design; real estate and urban planning; travel and leisure; and sports and recreation.

Fresh Juice, Fresh Approach with Gundalow Juices

Gundalow JuiceMeet the creators of Baltimore’s very own Gundalow Juice! Learn about different types of juice, their health benefits and how bottles can be sustainably produced. Join the bottle artwork competition; you’ll have the opportunity to create your own design that could end up being featured on Gundalow Juice labels.

Sustainable Cooking with Bryan Voltaggio

Gundalow Juice

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