Explore A Shore Responsibly

Be an Eco-Friendly Boater

Did you know that if you fill your boat’s gas tank upon return to port, you should only fill it to 90 percent? As part of the Maryland Clean Boater initiative, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed a list of clean boating tips. Find out more by clicking here.

Get Rid of Old Fishing Line the Right Way

Fishing line, also called monofilament, is a danger to the many marine animals that inhabit the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. Many marinas and tackle shops have recycle bins just for used fishing line. You can also mail it directly to Berkley Conservation Institute. Since 1990, this organization has recycled more than 9 million miles of fishing line. The fishing line is used in plastic structures to create habitat complexity in lakes and reservoirs, especially when installed under piers and fishing docks. To learn more, click here.


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