Loggerhead Initiative

Argos Conference

The Future of Wildlife Tracking

We will explore the breadth of objectives behind wildlife tracking programs and the evolving technology and capabilities of the Argos system.

Join us November 18 through 20, 2014, at the National Aquarium, as we discuss how wildlife tracking applications by Argos advance global conservation, as well as how the results and conclusions of tracking programs are applied to environmental policy, economics and society. The technical aspect of the Argos system will be explored, with emphasis on how Argos works, its current status and capabilities, and how it is continuously evolving to keep pace with the increasingly complex wildlife tracking requirements.

Conference highlights will include inspiring keynotes, invited and submitted presentations, and panel sessions showcasing Argos as the future of wildlife tracking. Visit clsamerica.com for conference details, announcements and registration updates.

The Importance of Tracking

Important answers can be learned through careful study of tracking data.

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Rescued-Animal Tracking

National Aquarium - Loggerhead Initiative

Track the journeys of animals released by the National Aquarium Animal Rescue team.

Track the Journeys

Shark Tagging Video

Join Aquarium staff and Captain Mark Sampson on the water for a day of shark tagging off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland.

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Rooney's Story

Rooney came to our Animal Rescue team as a cold-stunned turtle. Read about Rooney's travels and see a tracking map.

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