Indian Head

Indian Head

We Can Make
a Difference

The National Aquarium, in partnership with the Department of the Navy, Southern Maryland Resource and Conservation and Development Board, and Charles Soil Conservation District, is working to restore a riparian buffer along the Potomac River.

Riparian buffers play a significant role in soil conservation, improved water quality, healthy aquatic ecosystems, and offer diverse wildlife habitat. They act as natural biofilters and protect the waterways from excess surface runoff pollution.

The Aquarium Conservation Team (ACT!) and volunteers planted a variety of Chesapeake Bay native wetland grasses, trees, and shrubs along the water’s edge to help stabilize the area, reduce the potential for erosion, and protect existing land while providing habitat for many animal species. The shoreline is now home to a healthy mix of sweet bay magnolia, river birch, black willow, sycamore, and several other riparian species. We then returned to plant native marsh grasses along the lower intertidal areas to complete the restoration.

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