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Fresh Thoughts

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The National Aquarium's Fresh Thoughts sustainable seafood dining series not only offers a delicious dinner and a fun evening out, it's also a way to increase your understanding of sustainable seafood practices and to help you make informed choices.

Fresh Thoughts

Seafood is sustainable when it is caught or farmed in a way that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising the needs of future generations.

Each evening is themed around a sustainable seafood choice that is available in this region. Guests enjoy a cocktail reception, a cooking demonstration by the guest chef, a three-course fine-dining experience, and an after-hours stroll through the Aquarium.

Fresh Thoughts

Fishing practices worldwide are damaging the oceans. Bycatch, loss of habitat and breeding grounds, and overfishing all contribute to reduced species populations. If individual consumers support sustainable seafood choices, we can make a difference in fish populations and the health of our oceans.

Fight Seafood Fraud 

Take action for the health of your family and the oceans. Tell your Senators to fight seafood fraud and illegal fishing TODAY.

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What Is Fresh Thoughts?

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Original Recipes

Download recipes created for Fresh Thoughts dinners by our guest chefs, and continue to enjoy delicious ocean-friendly seafood at home!

Arctic Char Tataki

Hawaiian-Style Arctic Char

Tilapia Tacos

Miss Lillian's Trout

Oyster Stew

Oyster Bread Pudding

Grilled Marvesta Shrimp

Barbecue Seared Salmon

Thai Mussels

What's in Your Crab Cake?

Blue Crab

Learn About Seafood Labeling

According to a recent study by Oceana, 33% of the seafood purchased in the United States is mislabeled.