The Importance of Animal Tracking

Animal Rescue Tracking

We Can Learn From Their Journeys

Whenever financially and ethically possible, the National Aquarium Animal Rescue Program fits released animals with satellite transmitters, which allow the team to temporarily monitor reintroduced animals. Whenever the animal surfaces, the tag sends a signal to a satellite, indicating its location.

Animal Rescue staff monitor the data for indications that the animal has successfully survived its reintroduction to the wild, and scientists, both at the National Aquarium and in organizations around the world, assess the data. In which direction is the animal traveling? How quickly is it moving? What types of manmade or natural obstacles must it overcome? These questions only scratch the surface of what can be learned through careful study of the collective data.

The data are not just indicators of a one-time success, but collectively lead to insights about marine species that prepare rescuers for future stranding events. More importantly, the information is shared with local, state, and federal entities and provides insight when drafting conservation management plans.


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Our Animal Rescue program depends on the generosity of volunteers to operate, but the medical equipment, medications and food needed to care for these animals is expensive.

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Every animal has a story to tell! Meet some of our current and former National Aquarium Animal Rescue patients and follow their ocean journeys via satellite tracking.

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Humans are responsible for more than half of marine animal strandings. What we humans do both on land and in the water matters.

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Spot a seal on the beach? Seals are seasonal visitors to Maryland during the winter months. Learn how to determine if a seal is stranded or just resting on land.

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