spotted unicornfish

Spotted Unicornfish,

Naso brevirostris

Adult spotted unicornfish can be anywhere from bluish-gray to olive-brown in color. They often have small irregular stripes on the sides of their body. The juveniles, however, may have darker spots. The fish’s prominent horn is not found in juveniles and actually develops later in life.

These unicornfish are typically found in small groups in reefs and along lagoon drop-offs. They have also been spotted along rocky coasts. In addition, they may group into larger schools at times.

Did You Know?

The spotted unicornfish's horn develops later in its life.


Adults feed primarily on zooplankton but may also eat algae.


Reported to reach a maximum length of 60 centimeters.


They live in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from along East Africa to Hawaii, and as far north as southern Japan.

Population Status

Listed as "least common" on the IUCN Red List

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A Note From the Caretaker

If you look carefully at our Spotted Unicornfish, you will notice that several are entering their adult phase and developing horns. One of ours is probably already a full adult and has a truly impressive horn.

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