Our partners

To help us pursue the next stage in our evolution is the internationally recognized design and architecture studio, Studio Gang Architects, led by MacArthur Fellow Jeanne Gang. In addition to creating transformative architecture, Studio Gang employs the tools, methods and visionary capability of design to catalyze positive change through public engagement and advocacy. We believe their emphasis on work informed by cultural and environmental trends syncs precisely with the National Aquarium's design and planning needs.

Our priority

The National Aquarium's highest priority is to ensure the health and well-being of its animals. To that end, as science continues to evolve and emerge, we have an obligation to re-examine our philosophy of care and evaluate all of the best possible options for a living environment for our dolphins in the years ahead. We take our responsibility to the eight dolphins in our care very seriously. We are currently engaging with animal care experts, veterinarians and biologists to determine the feasibility of a variety of potential solutions.

Our Experience

When it opened, the National Aquarium set a new standard for aquariums, telling a compelling story through its exhibits, creating drama and evoking powerful messages about the world of water. As it has evolved, our facility has become more diffuse, with three very different exhibit experiences that have been challenging to unify. Through BLUEprint—and with the help of our dedicated board, staff and volunteers who are engaged in this process—we plan to weave these exciting but disparate parts together to tell a more powerful story of aquatic conservation.

Our Role

As the largest attraction in our city and state, the National Aquarium is proud to be part of a bold new future for Baltimore, but we also hope to design a new role for ourselves on a national scale. One compelling concept we’re exploring is an “ocean embassy” in Washington, D.C., where ocean advocates, aquarium leaders and policymakers could convene to tackle contemporary ocean issues and provide a voice for our blue planet. Re-establishing a presence in Washington, D.C.—and continuing as a proud partner in Baltimore’s renaissance and the Inner Harbor’s rebirth—are key tenets in our BLUEprint process.

What's Next

This is just the beginning of a long and exciting process. We invite your feedback and appreciate your support as our plans evolve. Together, we can help change the way humanity views and cares for the ocean. After all, it’s what gives us life.

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