Join us at Artscape 2016!

artscape rocket

Jump into the unknown with the National Aquarium at Baltimore’s 35th annual Artscape, the country’s largest free arts festival, from July 15 through 17! In celebration of this year’s Artscape theme of investigating the mysteries of deep space, prepare to boldly go where adventure awaits…deep beyond the surface.

Although outer space is frequently referred to as the final frontier, scientists have a better working knowledge of our galaxy than they do the depths of Earth’s ocean. As Artscape challenges us to look beyond the familiar, join us on a journey to the bottom of the ocean, learning about the mysterious creatures that dwell in its deepest trenches.

Explore the difficulties of mapping this unseen world, and go home with a better understanding of how our habits and behaviors impact fragile ecosystems miles beneath the ocean’s surface.

Assist visual artist and MICA graduate Kasey Jones in building a large-scale sculpture made entirely of recycled materials, inspired by stunning bioluminescent jellies. Jones will also offer Artscape visitors the opportunity to help paint a mural depicting a deep-sea vampire squid. We are proud partner with Kasey in the creation of original artwork for the third consecutive year.

Kids will also have the opportunity to create art to take home, unleashing their inner artists on recyclable materials to build original creatures inspired by the mysterious species that dwell in the ocean’s darkest trenches.

Artscape Map

You can find the National Aquarium at the heart of Artscape, at the intersection of Mt. Royal Avenue and Dolphin Street near the Light Rail. Visit to plan your visit.

“People protect what they love.”- Jacques Cousteau

The National Aquarium’s mission is to inspire conservation of the world’s aquatic treasures. It is easy to apply this philosophy to a favorite beach or familiar animals, but much harder to comprehend how our habits affect the ocean floor, because, for most of us, it is hard to imagine the ocean floor at all. Conservation efforts aimed at places and things we can’t see or experience firsthand can feel futile; exploration of the mysterious ocean floor can help us better understand how to care for and preserve it.

Learn more about the ocean deep and inspire your own love of our aquatic treasures:

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