Virginia Beach Dune Restoration

Community volunteer

Join the Aquarium Conservation Team to help restore valuable sand dunes! They protect land by acting as natural barriers to prevent erosion and absorb wave energy. Without this protection, soft coastline would rapidly disappear.

The National Aquarium—in partnership with the Commander Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Mid-Atlantic, and the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center—will plant native dune grasses, restoring habitat for local wildlife while protecting the shoreline.

*NOTE: Timing for this event is approximate and may change based on weather or the rate at which planting is completed.

Pre-registration is required for this event. Volunteers must be at least 10 years old. All volunteers under 18 years old will need to be supervised by an adult. *Due to security restrictions of working on a naval base, personal information will be required as part of the registration process.* Volunteers must register AND provide the necessary security information before 4:00pm on October 10th, 2016.

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