Guest Diver Program

Guest Diver

Plunge Into
the Best Diving
in Maryland

Experience the wonders of diving in a coral reef—right here at the National Aquarium. This once in a lifetime adventure takes you into one of the Aquarium’s most popular exhibits, Atlantic Coral Reef

Led by professional dive staff from the Atlantic Edge Dive Center, participants learn the basics before diving into a world of rays, sharks and exotic fish. 

As you swim among these incredible creatures, you’ll learn the role divers play in reef conservation and how you can help protect these precious ocean spots.

The Basics

18+; must be SCUBA certified

1 hour orientation/prep; 30-45 minute dive


Book your adventure through the Atlantic Edge Dive Center by phone at 301-519-9283 or online

What to Bring

  • Wetsuit
  • Mask and snorkel
  • Booties and flippers

Getting Ready for Your Tour

  • Check in 30 minutes before your tour at our staff entrance, just around the corner from the Aquarium’s main entrance and across from the USS Torsk submarine
  • Gear can’t be stored at the Aquarium prior to check-in
  • For discounted parking, park in the Lockwood Place Garage at 124 Market Pl. Be sure to bring your ticket and have it validated before leaving the Aquarium
  • When booking your tour, please notify Central Reservations of any guests with special needs
  • Friends or family members who want to watch your dive must purchase a ticket to the Aquarium

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Volunteer Diver Program

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