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Sustainable Seafood

Fishing practices worldwide are damaging the oceans. Bycatch, loss of habitat and breeding grounds, and overfishing all contribute to reduced species populations. If individual consumers support sustainable seafood choices, we can make a difference in fish populations and the health of our oceans.

People are eating more seafood than ever, and the ocean and its fish are being pushed to the limit. According to the United Nations, approximately two-thirds of ocean species are overfished, and many types of fish farming are highly damaging to coastal ecosystems. When you consume seafood, make sure it's a sustainable choice, which is seafood from either fished or farmed sources that can maintain or increase production in the future and don't harm the surrounding environment. For a handy reference on what to choose and what to avoid, pick up a Seafood Watch Pocket Guide at the National Aquarium, or download one here.

The National Aquarium's Fresh Thoughts sustainable seafood dining series consists of elegant evening events that feature educational cooking demonstrations by guest chefs and a prix fixe four-course menu with wine pairings. Fresh Thoughts not only offers a delicious dinner and a fun evening out, it's also a way to increase your understanding of sustainable seafood practices and to help you make informed choices. Each evening is themed around a sustainable seafood choice that is available in this region. Guests also enjoy a cocktail reception an after-hours stroll through the Aquarium.

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