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A Blue View: Every Drop Counts

Calculate Your Water Footprint
Get the details on how much water you use per day by visiting the Online Water Calculator at National Geographic.

Learn to Save Water in Unexpected Ways
It’s more than just turning off faucets. According to National Geographic, “Recycling a pound of paper, less than the weight of your average newspaper, saves about 3.5 gallons of water. Buying recycled paper products saves water too, as it takes about six gallons of water to produce a dollar worth of paper.” Learn more about how your daily actions can affect water consumption at National Geographic’s Water Currents.

How to Buy Water-Friendly Products for Your Home
Learn more about EPA’s WaterSense program and find products for your home.

A Leaky Toilet Wastes 60 Gallons Per Day! Does Yours Leak? Here’s How To Check...
Toilet bowl leaks are among the biggest water wasters in the home. To check your toilet for a leak, place a few drops of food coloring in the tank and wait. If the color appears in the bowl, then there’s a leak. Often these leaks can be fixed with minor adjustments, cleaning calcium deposits from the toilet ball in the tank, or by replacing worn valves.

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