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Sharks Unfairly Attacked

Sharks in the Mid-Atlantic
There are as many as 62 species of shark found off the Atlantic coast of North America (and 12 species found right in the Chesapeake Bay).

Sandbar sharks are among the most common sharks to inhabit mid-Atlantic waters. Large schools of juvenile sandbar sharks visit the Chesapeake Bay in summer and autumn, then leave the Bay in autumn for warmer, southern waters. Other sharks that visit our region include the bull shark, the sand tiger shark, the smooth dogfish, and the spiny dogfish. Learn more about these amazing sharks here.

Shark Conservation
Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley signed a bill prohibiting the sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins into law earlier this year, making Maryland the first state on the East Coast to grant sharks this crucial protection. The National Aquarium worked closely with the bill sponsors, the Humane Society of the United States, the National Wildlife Federation, Oceana, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and recreational watermen on the issue.

Sharks need help from all of us, and some groups are taking important actions to help shark populations around the world.

Celebrate Shark Weekend!
Join us for Shark Weekend at the National Aquarium, Washington, DC, on July 27 and 28. Learn more here.

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