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Stormwater: A Search for Solutions

Stormwater: A Search for Solutions

Reduce Your Stormwater Runoff

Our behaviors at home can have an impact—either good or bad—on our natural world. Here are some quick tips from the Maryland Department of the Environment:

  • Limit the amount of impervious surfaces in your landscape. Use permeable paving surfaces such as wood decks, bricks, and concrete lattice to allow water to soak into the ground. Where possible, direct runoff from impervious surfaces across vegetated areas.
  • Consider bayscaping. Trees, shrubs, and groundcover absorb up to fourteen times more rainwater than a grass lawn and don’t require fertilizer.
  • Build a rain barrel to collect and store rooftop runoff for future use to water lawns and gardens.

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Watch How People in Baltimore are Making a Difference

This video highlights the amazing way that Baltimore's urban neighborhoods are coming together to improve the city. From painting storm drains with Blue Water Baltimore to planting trees in McElderry Park to picking up trash at Fort McHenry with the National Aquarium, the citizens of Baltimore are working to green their communities. In the video, Laura Bankey, the National Aquarium's Director of Conservation, explains that the value of partnerships is immeasurable. Kim Burgess, Baltimore City's Surface Water Management Chief, explains why a stormwater utility will help the city.

How You Can Help

Groups like Blue Water Baltimore are committed to cleaning up our water...and getting the community involved. Visit to find out information on upcoming events.

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