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Protecting Terrapins in Maryland

How to Install a Turtle Excluder

A bycatch reduction device will keep nearly all turtles from entering and drowning in a crab pot. 
Download Instructions on How to Install a Turtle Excluder

Make Your Crab Pot Turtle-Safe!

Learn how to make your crab pot turtle-safe.

Terrapins in the Classroom

The National Aquarium's Terrapins in the Classroom Program brings Maryland students face to face with the state reptile, the diamondback terrapin. Hatchling terrapins are collected from Poplar Island and provided to schools for students to observe and study throughout the year. During the turtle's stay, students collect growth data, observe behaviors, learn animal care techniques, and research the natural history of the species. At the end of the school year, students take a field trip to Poplar Island to release the terrapins back into the their natural habitat.

Learn more about the program here.

There are so many education opportunities for students and teachers. Visit to find out about the Aquarium’s other programs.

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