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Bob Talbot: Creating an Impact Through a Lens

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen Bob Talbot’s work. The photographer, filmmaker and environmental advocate has filmed wildlife sequences for everything from “Free Willy” to “Flipper,” and his stunning photographs of whales and dolphins have been reproduced into millions of lithographs and distributed worldwide. (In fact, they’re still considered the most popular series of marine mammal posters on the planet.) That iconic photo of a whale’s tail just before it disappears again under the water’s surface, with water cascading off of its fluke, all against a backdrop of blue mountains and sky? That’s Bob Talbot.

Through his compelling storytelling technique, combined with the stunning way he captures underwater life through a lens, Talbot is able to do what our ocean-dwelling friends cannot: provide a voice that moves people to action. Presented with the Environmental Hero Award, the Ark Trust Genesis Award and the prestigious SeaKeeper Award, he’s dedicated his life to promoting awareness of ocean issues and encouraging conservation of Earth’s resources.

We had the honor of hosting Talbot this past Earth Day (April 22) at the National Aquarium, where—as our third guest speaker in 2014 Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series—he shared his experiences photographing and filming some of the world’s most incredible marine animals. If you missed it, don’t panic; we recorded it for you!

Check out the full lecture, plus presentations from more of our incredible guest speakers, including famed oceanographer Sylvia Earle and renowned photojournalist Brian Skerry.

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