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Shark Tagging

The National Aquarium's annual shark tagging trip was voted Baltimore Magazine's Best Adventure in 2010!

The public is invited to join Aquarium staff for a day of shark tagging off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland. Tagging sharks provides scientists with information on stock identity, migration and abundance, age and growth, mortality, and behavior.

Captain Sampson's experience and reputation have made him a sought-after lecturer, demonstrator, writer, and guide for shark tagging and other offshore fishing techniques. This is a unique, hands-on event!

Though there is no guarantee you'll catch a shark, past trips have reeled in sandbars, dusky, thresher, blacktip, hammerhead, and other shark species.

This trip offers the thrill of deep-sea sport fishing, but with the good conscience of knowing that you're contributing to valuable science that will help conserve these apex hunters of the sea.

Registration is closed for all 2015 shark tagging trips.

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Shark Tagging Video

Shark tagging video