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North Atlantic to the Pacific

Journey from the Atlantic sea cliffs—home to playful puffins and the only black guillemots on display in the country—to an undersea kelp forest, to a brilliant Pacific reef.

Watch Pacific Coral Reef Live

Animals in This Exhibit

  • Anemones

    Sea anemones are polyps that attach to surfaces with an adhesive foot, called a basal disc. Their column-shaped bodies end in an oral disc, and they can have anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred tentacles.

  • Atlantic Puffin

    The Atlantic puffin can be recognized by its large, triangular-shaped bill with red-orange tip and blue-gray base surrounded by yellow.

    Atlantic Puffin
  • Banggai Cardinalfish

    This small, disc-shaped fish is easily recognized by its tasseled first dorsal fin; long, tapering second dorsal fin; and deeply forked tail, or caudal fin.

    Banggai cardinalfish
  • Garibaldi

    While juvenile garibaldis are often a deep red with bright blue spots, the adult garibaldi is a solid bright orange fish with opaque reddish fins.

  • Horn Shark

    The horn shark gets its name from the short venomous “horn” in front of each of its dorsal fins, which it uses for protection. The horn shark is typically a brownish color, covered in black spots, and its underbelly has a yellowish tint.

    Horn Shark
  • Percula Clownfish

    The percula clownfish is the most well known of the 29 species of clownfish.

  • Sea Stars

    There are nearly 2,000 species of sea stars in the world’s oceans.

    National Aquarium – Sea Stars
  • Wolf Eel

    This fish likes to live in rocky areas and is able to squeeze into small crevices due to its long, slender body.

    National Aquarium - Wolf Eel
  • Yellow Sea Cucumber

    As a defense, yellow sea cucumbers can expel their internal organs—then quickly regenerate them.

    National Aquarium - Yellow Sea Cucumber
  • Yellow Tang

    This reef-dwelling fish is known for its bright yellow body.

    National Aquarium - Yellow Tang

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