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National Aquarium to Welcome "Brownie" the Loggerhead Turtle from DC Venue


National Aquarium will welcome “Brownie”, a loggerhead turtle, from the Washington, DC, venue. Brownie will immediately go on exhibit in the Maryland: Mountains to the Sea gallery upon arrival.

Throughout the month of October, 1,700 of the Washington venue’s 2,500 animals are being relocated to Baltimore. Before being placed on exhibit, most of the animals go through an observation period, during which time Aquarium animal care staff will perform necessary entry exams and monitor their health. The remaining animals from Washington, DC, will be relocated to other accredited aquariums beginning in November.

Named for it’s sweet personality and love of food, Brownie came to National Aquarium as part of the Loggerhead Head Start Program. Run by the North Carolina Aquarium in Pine Knoll, this program gives baby sea turtles a better chance at survival in the wild. Sea turtle hatchlings spend time in aquariums where they can safely grow. After being given a clean bill of health and an extra boost of nutrition, they are tagged and released back to the ocean. Once Brownie meets the proper weight/size criteria, it will be taken back to North Carolina to be released.

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013
Expected departure from DC is 11 a.m. with an expected arrival to the Aquarium’s main campus around noon.

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