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Make Room Royal Baby, Puffin Chick Born at National Aquarium


While she may not be part of the royal family, the new female puffin chick has people gushing with excitement at National Aquarium. This baby is the fourth chick for parents Victor and Vixen, who were the first puffins to ever successfully breed at National Aquarium in 2006. And, just like the royal baby, she doesn’t have a name…yet.

The chick hatched on July 4 after an incubation period of approximately 30 days in a specially constructed enclosure, mimicking the deep burrows the species typically use in the wild. During the incubation time, the puffins co-parent their young by taking turns protecting the nest and the egg.

Since her birth, the chick has been closely watched by National Aquarium staff and aviculture experts. She is steadily gaining weight and appears healthy.

The baby puffin will remain within its burrow for 40 or more days before it begins making short exploratory trips to the Aquarium’s puffin exhibit. National Aquarium representatives are likely to announce the chick’s name in the coming weeks.

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