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National Aquarium Releases Fisheries Report


The National Aquarium released today a new report, “Addressing Uncertainty in Fisheries Science and Management,” which contains the results from a year-long investigation into fisheries science and management practices. An Aquarium-led panel of scientists and fisheries managers used case studies, consultations and expert deliberations to produce this set of findings, best practices and recommendations. The report, along with full examination of case studies and appendices, can be found at

“Recognizing the many concerns that exist around uncertainty in the management process, we developed recommendations for understanding, communicating and better addressing uncertainties in fisheries science and management,” said Eric Schwaab, project leader and National Aquarium Chief Conservation Officer. “Our team of U.S. and international science and management experts analyzed current challenges and developed the report’s recommendations.”

The panel recognized early in its deliberations that much confusion exists about various sources of uncertainty. Uncertainties exist due to inherent gaps in knowledge or information that reduce the ability of fisheries scientists and managers to be able to accurately calculate the number of fish in the sea. One valuable aspect of the report includes a broad characterization of these various sources, and recommendations related to clear communication of roles and responsibilities in the management process. Other key aspects of the report focus on specific steps that can be taken to reduce uncertainty and ways to enhance adaptive management as stock and ocean conditions change.

Policy-makers, fisheries managers, scientists and other participants in the fishery management process will use the report to better understand, communicate and address various sources of uncertainty.

This project was undertaken as a part of the National Aquarium’s growing conservation efforts and was made possible by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Under the direction of Schwaab, the National Aquarium is working to broaden its national voice and impact in important ocean conservation issues.

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
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