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National Aquarium Announces Birth of Puffin Chick Macaroni


The National Aquarium welcomes a new puffin chick to its Sea Cliffs exhibit.

The new arrival, Macaroni, whose name was inspired by the pasta, is the 16th puffin chick to successfully hatch in the Sea Cliffs exhibit since 2006.

Macaroni will remain in its burrow, which mimics the deep burrows that puffins typically use in the wild, for the next 40 days or so. During that time, its parents will feed and care for the hatchling until it fledges, fully feathered and waterproofed and ready to explore.

Chicks receive their names at the Aquarium according to their lineage. The use of themes within puffin families helps staff easily recognize—at the simple mention of a name—how the puffins are related. Macaroni joins siblings with pasta-themed names, including Ravioli and Gnocchi, from prior breeding seasons.