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children silhouette at aquarium

Member Photos

learning at the aquarium

Member Photos

Children at the aquarium

Member Photos

father and son at member event

Margaret the hyacinth macaw is the star of an Animal Encounter during a Member Evening.

boy looking at turtle

A young member enjoys watching the Australian white-spotted jellies in Jellies Invasion: Oceans Out of Balance.

children looking at turtle

Members get up close and personal with the species in the Amazon River Forest exhibit, including the big-headed Amazon river turtle.

boys looking at living seashore

Young members are all smiles as they come face to face with Joey the yellow-footed tortoise at a Member Evening.

children in living seashore

Clark’s anemonefish—which can be found in the Occupying gallery—engage in a symbiotic relationship with anemones.

boys looking at living seashore

The emerald tree boa, which can be found in Amazon River Forest, is known for its electric green coloring—but these reptiles are red as hatchlings.

boys looking at living seashore

False clown anemonefish—such as this one in the Occupying gallery—are nearly identical to true anemonefish, but there are slight differences in their shapes and habitats.

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