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Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime: Celebrating our Ocean’s Oddities

Dr. Ellen Prager

Marine scientist and author Dr. Ellen Prager is widely recognized for her expertise and ability to make science entertaining and understandable for people of all ages. She joins us in this year’s lecture series to share the strange and wild cast of characters that inhabit the oceans’ depths.

From the hagfish that ties itself into a knot to keep from suffocating in its own slime to the sea slug whose sexual encounters can truly turn into a dangerous liaison due to untimely cannibalism, Prager will provide an entertaining ocean tell-all and a realistic look at why we all should care about the loss of species in the sea.

Prager is currently a freelance writer, consultant, science adviser to Celebrity Xpedition in the Galapagos Islands and was recently named a Safina Center Fellow. She’s built a national reputation as a scientist and spokeswoman on Earth and ocean science issues, and has appeared on “The Today Show,” “NBC News,” “Good Morning America,” “Larry King” and Discovery Channel shows, among others.

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