Our Nomination for the Baltimore Canyon Urban National Marine Sanctuary

A note from John Racanelli, CEO

February 1, 2017

After careful consideration, we have decided to withdraw our nomination for the Baltimore Canyon, our nation's first urban national marine sanctuary. Although we believe national marine sanctuary designation would provide an unprecedented opportunity to protect a national treasure and inspire young minds, we have determined that the timing is not right for this nomination. We know that the American public is increasingly concerned about the many risks facing our national waters, and we plan to use these next two years to gather further community input regarding the importance and value of providing permanent protection to treasures like the Baltimore Canyon.

I look forward to the opportunity to work together again, and I applaud the selfless work of the National Marine Sanctuary System in protecting our nation’s marine and freshwater resources while keeping them accessible to all.

Signature for John Racanelli

— John Racanelli, CEO

This piece also appears in the Ocean City Dispatch.

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