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Amazing Experiences Sweepstakes - Congratulations to Our First Winner!

Published December 17, 2012

blacktip reef winner

After weeks of excitement and thousands of entries, we're thrilled to announce the winners of our Amazing Experiences Sweepstakes!

Starting today, we'll be announcing the winners for each of our amazing prizes right here on our WATERblog, on our Facebook page and through our email, Aquamail.

Today's winner is Fatimah A. from Sparks, Maryland! CONGRATULATIONS Fatimah! You have won our exclusive Blacktip Reef prize and you and three guests will be among the first to see our upcoming exhibit! You will go on a “hard-hat tour” behind the scenes of the construction of Blacktip Reef, and be among the first to meet our newest animal additions! This amazing experience includes a tour of the Aquarium’s off-site Animal Care Center, including a look at how the Aquarium’s salt water is made and tested and a visit to the exhibit fabrication shop, where coral for Blacktip Reef is currently being made.

<"/-/media/BlogImport/facebookhighlightdealwinnerblacktipjpg.jpg">Blacktip Reef

Artist's rendering of the new Blacktip Reef exhibit, under construction now!

Congratulations again, Fatimah, we're incredibly thankful for your support! Didn't win today? No worries! There are still four AMAZING prizes to win...

amazing experiences prizes

December 18: Experience the Rain Forest Like Never Before - There is only one rain forest in Maryland, and it is at National Aquarium, Baltimore. One lucky winner will help care for this unique habitat side-by-side with the Upland Tropical Rain Forest staff for a morning. The winner will go behind the scenes and learn what it takes to care for the diverse and extraordinary animals and plant, prepare food and feed the exhibit’s 15 species of birds, learn about and tend to a wide range of tropical plants, including a cacao tree – where chocolate comes from, meet and feed the golden lion tamarin monkeys, and help care for poison dart frogs.

December 19:Name National Aquarium’s Baby Loggerhead Sea Turtle - The baby loggerhead sea turtles that are a part of the National Aquarium, Washington, DC’s loggerhead sea turtle early rehabilitation program are adorable! Through this program, sea turtle hatchlings spend time in aquariums where they can safely grow before being released back to the ocean. The winner of this amazing experience will give the newest turtle, arriving in December 2012, a head start towards success with a name to carry him (or her) into the future! The winner and up to three guests will get to have a private meet and greet with the turtle, and once on display, the turtle tank will feature a sign with the turtle’s name and the winner’s name.

December 20: Go to the Extremes in Australia - On this personal guided tour with the Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes curator, the winner and three guests will get the full behind-the-scenes tour of this incredible exhibit, up close encounters with National Aquarium’s most popular animals, participate in feedings, and see areas of Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes not usually seen by guests.

December 21: Go Behind-the-Scenes with the Dolphins - To get any closer, you would actually have to be an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin! The lucky winner of this amazing experience will go on a private meet and greet with the Aquarium’s dolphins, tour the dolphin area, see how National Aquarium staff prepare their food, check out the dolphin’s extensive toy collection, and learn behind the scenes secrets from the trainers. The winner will get to work with the trainer during a training session, learn how to communicate with the dolphins, and participate in enrichment and play activities!

Stay tuned this week to see if YOU are selected as one of our lucky winners!!!
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