Animal Rescue Update: We Are Currently Rehabilitating a Harbor Seal

Published February 26, 2013

UPDATE: March 25, 2013

In an effort to keep our seal patient's mind stimulated and encourage natural behaviors, our Animal Rescue team provides daily environmental enrichment.

For today's enrichment, our team decided to take advantage of the snow and bring it indoors. They filled the deck with clean snow and hid fish in the snow for the seal to find - kind of like a game of hide and seek! He was eager to eat breakfast!

snow seal enrichment  

UPDATE: March 6, 2013

We're happy to report that our harbor seal patient is doing very well! He is still being treated by veterinarians and husbandry staff for abrasions and a severe upper-respiratory infection. Since first arriving at our Animal Care Center, we've also been able to successfully increase the his diet to 5 ½ pounds of fish per day. We hope to continue to increase the seal's diet, so that he can gain a little more weight!

Our next steps of treatment include another round of medications to ensure his system is free of infections and parasites. Once he is given a "clean bill of health," our staff will begin discussing release options!

Stay tuned for more updates on our patient! 

Our Animal Rescue team is currently caring for a juvenile harbor seal found off the coast of Delaware.

After being spotted and closely observed by our local stranding partner, MERR Institute, it was determined that the seal was in need of immediate care and rehabilitation.

Our harbor seal patient resting near its rehab. pool.

Our harbor seal patient resting near its rehab. pool.

Upon arrival at our Animal Care Center, Aquarium husbandry staff and veterinarians  performed a thorough exam, collected blood samples and began treating the seal for dehydration.

Initially too ill to eat solid foods, our seal patient was been fed a fish-based "smoothie." We're happy to report that the seal has now moved onto solid foods (its diet currently consists of capelin and herring fish)!

Staff is hoping that our patient will gain some weight and keep up a healthy appetite.

Staff is hoping that our patient will gain some weight and keep up a healthy appetite.

In addition to dehydration, we are currently treating the seal for pneumonia, parasites and a respiratory infection.

Stay tuned for more updates on our patient! 

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