A Star-Spangled September at the National Aquarium!

Published August 20, 2014

This September, there’s an even better reason than usual to celebrate both our nation and our city! It's the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Baltimore and “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Francis Scott Key’s poem that was inspired by the War of 1812 and eventually became the national anthem we all know today.

To celebrate this milestone and flaunt our city, state and national pride, the National Aquarium has loaded up its September schedule with special offers and exciting events!

Star-Spangled Friday Nights

Don’t miss out on the end of our Star-Spangled Friday Nights program! Through Friday, September 12, guests who enter the aquarium after 5:00 pm will enjoy a special admission price of $18.12 on Friday evenings!

“The Battle of Baltimore: How Our Harbor Helped Define America”

On the evening on September 10th, the National Aquarium will host a special program, as part of our annual Marjorie Lynn Bank Lecture Series, that explores the history and lasting legacy of the Battle of Baltimore.

The lecture will include a expert panel of historians and authors, moderated by Aquarium CEO John Racanelli. For more information and to reserve tickets, visit aqua.org/lecture.

Google+ Hangout: Exploring Our Underwater World!

Join the National Aquarium for an underwater Google+ Hangout on Air with NOAA’s research vessel, the Okeanos Explorer. Commissioned in 2008, the Okeanos has traveled the globe exploring our largely un-discovered ocean. In recent months, the Okeanos team’s discoveries and innovative live stream from the ocean floor have garnered interest from the international community!


On September 9, National Aquarium staff will host a live Hangout with exploration teams from Okeanos and the Nautilus research vessel about their latest missions and the future of ocean exploration!

Other Free Activities and Events

During the weeklong commemoration, we’ll be offering free outdoor entertainment and activities for all ages right on our own Pier 4. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) oceanic exploration ship, the Okeanos Explorer, will be docked on our pier all week for you to climb aboard and tour.

Additionally, from Friday, September 12, through Sunday, September 14, more free outdoor entertainment and interactive activities, including live music and special appearances from Captain Barnacles Bear and Kwazzi Kitten of The Octonauts will be available under the Pier 4 tent from 12 pm to 4 pm.


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