Introducing 48 Days of Blue!

Did you know? More than 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water. Despite the strong “green” identity of the environmental movement, the majority of our planet is covered in vibrant shades of blue.

Published April 22, 2016

The ocean is almost 4 billion years old. More than just a pleasant attribute, it is responsible for controlling our climate and supporting our continued survival here on Earth. In fact, its mere existence is what separates us from every other planet in our solar system. 


Life’s balance here on Earth isn’t just unique—it’s also quite delicate. For much of its occupational history, humanity has tested the natural limits of our planet. Only recently have we begun to pay attention to the changes we’ve effected. 

Climate change has put 75 percent of the ocean’s coral reefs at risk. Pollution has created aquatic “dead zones” and a swirling patch of garbage in the Pacific nearly twice the size of Texas. And, to meet an ever-increasing demand, we’ve already depleted 30 percent of the world’s fisheries. 

That’s pretty intense. Maybe enough to send you reeling into an endless Netflix binge. But before you and your pint of Ben & Jerry’s give in to a reality-dodging retreat under the covers, consider this: there’s still time to turn the tides. So, let’s focus on the positive.

Will you join us in choosing change? 

In the 48 days between Earth Day and World Oceans Day, help the National Aquarium give something back to our amazing, life-sustaining blue planet!

join the wave

Every day, we'll overcome an obstacle facing the ocean by completing small conservation challenges. Going a day without straws will keep 127 school buses worth of plastic from out of our natural spaces. Unplugging from our modern, electronic world for just 20 minutes can save enough energy to brew a cup of coffee.

Making these changes in our daily lives will benefit our own health, improve our communities AND help protect the ocean for future generations. 

This movement is about more than just conservation; it’s about connecting a community of change-makers. Whether you’re down the street or continents away, our collective impact is equal, our challenges are similarly difficult and our successes will be felt and celebrated together, loudly! 

Let’s not waste another minute. To join the 48 Days of Blue movement (and get your friends on board), click here

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