2016 Recap: Babies!

Each year we welcome many babies into our Aquarium family and 2016 was no exception! Take a look back on some of the highlights from the past year.

Published December 09, 2016


Born in April, Fern is the sixth Linne’s two-toed sloth to be born at the Aquarium! Her mother, Ivy, has given birth to four other sloths in previous years. Since her birth in April, Fern has spent much of her time clinging to Ivy high in the trees of the Upland Tropical Rain Forest exhibit. Now weighing about two pounds, Aquarium staff and guests occasionally catch a glimpse of her snacking on peppers and sampling other new taste sensations.



This summer we welcomed two pufflings to our Sea Cliffs exhibit. Ziti and Valentine hatched just one day apart from one another! They are the 8th and 9th puffin chicks to successfully hatch in the exhibit. Ziti is the second chick to puffin parents Viggo and Staypuft, while Valentine is Victor and Vixen’s sixth chick. After spending the first few months in their burrows, these chicks then venture out to join the other puffins within the exhibit.

Baby Banggai Cardinalfishbanggai-cardinalfish 

There were baby Banggai cardinalfish in our Surviving Through Adaptation exhibit this fall! Native to the Banggai Islands of Indonesia, these young fish will grow to be all of three inches in length. In the wild, Banggai cardinalfish live in groups and are rather sedentary as a species. Their movement between groups is rather limited, which contributes to their small geographic range.

Aussie Turtles 


Most recently, we welcomed eight endangered Mary River turtle hatchlings to the Australia: Wild Extremes exhibit. Born in November, these tiny turtles are the product of the first successful breeding of this species at the Aquarium! After almost 20 years of unregulated egg harvesting for the pet trade, the Mary River turtle landed on the IUCN’s Endangered Species List in the late 1990s. We are one of the only facilities outside of Australia to house this species, so the birth of new turtles is very exciting.

Stay tuned for more recaps of 2016!

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