Fall Cleanup Roundup!

It was a busy fall for our Conservation team as they led volunteers in the field cleaning up our local waterways!

Published November 02, 2017

The two largest National Aquarium Conservation events this fall were the Fort McHenry Field Day and our cleanup at Masonville Cove, both of which contributed to the global efforts of the International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). For the past 32 years, nearly 12 million volunteers have participated in the ICC across the world.  


More than 100 community members in Brooklyn, located in South Baltimore, also participated in a recent cleanup, spending a Sunday afternoon canvassing local streets and collecting debris. Participants gathered 8,125 total pieces of debris, which was enough to fill 30 bags weighing 625 pounds. 

Fort McHenry Field Day drew our largest crowd yet! More than 200 volunteers helped our team plant native species and collect debris around the site. Those in attendance collected 28,664 pieces of debris, weighing in at over 7 tons! Additionally, 235 pounds of beach plastics went to TerraCycle for recycling. 


At Masonville Cove last week, nearly 100 volunteers joined our Conservation team in collecting 15,256 total pieces of debris, which fit into 53 bags of trash! When combined with beach plastics sent to TerraCycle, the total weight was 757 pounds.

Masonville Cove was the last cleanup for this season, but our Conservation team will be back in action in the spring!

Stay informed with all of our Conservation events, including winter activities, here.

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