Read to Reef: Our Favorite Books

Read to Reef book club is back with great books for kids in fifth grade and younger! 

Published October 07, 2017

In honor of the new season of Read to Reef, we asked some of our partners and staff about their favorite books on the fall book list! 


Rachel Frisch, children’s services coordinator, Enoch Pratt Free Library:
“I love I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry! A giant squid with a big head introduces readers to a variety of underwater creatures that are all smaller than she is (or, so she thinks …). The vibrant colors, fold-out panel and humorous twist make this a great book to share aloud with young children. It's especially fun to give the squid a goofy voice as you name the aquatic animals together.”

Gillian Reily, guest engagement specialist, National Aquarium:
“As far as which book most stands out to me ... that's pretty tough because I think they are all fantastic. I'm really impressed by the content in all the books we selected, but the book that stood out the most to me this year was Science Comics: Coral Reefs. I love how that book uses the unique graphic novel format to talk about a huge variety of science topics related to coral reefs! From the difference between animals and plants, to biodiversity, to ocean chemistry, that book really has it all! I feel like you could read it a dozen times and learn something new each time. Those were always my favorite kinds of books growing up so I hope the young readers participating in the program this year enjoy it as well.”

Tyliah Z. McDonald, children's librarian, Enoch Pratt Free Library Walbrook Branch: 
“I really liked the non-fiction book Water is Water by Miranda Paul because it offers children a chance to explore the various ways that water affects our lives on a daily basis. From the kiddie pool in the backyard, to the rainy days indoors, the many glasses of water that quench our thirst, to the hot cocoa that warms us up, the playful snowy days, the clouds that hover in the air, to the oceans filled with fish; children are reminded that water touches our lives in so many enchanting and important ways. This book offers meaningful and interesting reading for our children.”

David Christopher, education manager, National Aquarium:
“I really like Bring Out the Birds by Susan Stockdale. I am often drawn into the art in books and I think her pictures are beautiful and capture the colorful, vibrant world of birds. I also love Turtles in My Sandbox. I have worked with terrapins for about 20 years. They are such cool animals that people don’t know much about.” 

Dive into reading this fall with our Read to Reef book list! For more information about the Read to Reef program, click here.

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