Light City 2018 Spotlight

The third annual Light City has made its brilliant return to Baltimore!

Published April 17, 2018

Light City is back! Baltimore’s light festival is brighter than ever this year with 21 installations and the return of the BGE Light Art Walk, a 1.5-mile walk along the Inner Harbor featuring light displays and sculptures, video projections, interactive technologies, performances and concerts. In addition, daytime conferences will be occurring with changemakers from different industries. 

The National Aquarium will be right in the center of the action! Six of the 21 total installations are sited on or located near the National Aquarium campus. One of those installations, The Eighth Art by Baltimore artists Erin Hagerty and Adam P. Savje, will be in Area 10 near Gunther Circle. The Eighth Art consists of a 24-foot translucent dome illuminated by a kinetic, light-modulating sculpture that resides at the center.

The Eighth Art

The Eighth Art by Erin Hagerty and Adam P. Savje

Synesthesia, which is located on the Barnes and Noble bridge, was created by Surcreative. This interactive pathway uses sounds and colors to connect with participants as they walk underneath.

Installations can be found in the water, too! What Lies Beneath, from Baltimore artist Formstone Castle Collective, illuminates a natural and unnatural aquatic ecosystem using a combination of animation and video, some of which was filmed at the Aquarium! Another underwater installation, Some Thing in the Water, comes from Baltimore artists Post Typography, PI.KL & Figure 53. This is an underwater light installation showing organisms that appear to be breathing, shifting and pulsating.

Something in the Water

Some Thing in the Water by Post Typography, PI.KL & Figure 53

Over on Pier 1, Whale Ghost, created by artist Pitaya, will look familiar to frequent Aquarium visitors, as it is inspired by the fin whale skeleton in our building! Resembling a whale vertebrate, this installation invites the audience to consider the impact of mankind on biodiversity.

Whale Ghost

Whale Ghost by Pitaya

Light City takes place over eight nights: Saturday, April 14, to Saturday, April 21. Festival hours are 7 to 11 pm on Sunday through Thursday with hours extending to midnight on Friday and Saturdays. 

Learn more about this year's Light City!

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