Animal Rescue Update: Second Grey Seal Admitted

National Aquarium Animal Rescue is now caring for a second rescued grey seal that stranded in Ocean City, Maryland.

Published April 12, 2019

Our newest rescue patient is nicknamed George Washington Carver in line with our seal rescue naming theme of influential scientists. George Washington Carver was an agricultural scientist and inventor who famously discovered more than 100 ways to use the peanut.

Grey seal

George the seal is slowly improving as he spends time in his rehabilitation suite at the Animal Care and Rescue Center. When found stranded on the beach at 22nd Street in Ocean City, George was very underweight, extremely lethargic and appeared to have some superficial wounds on his body.

George isn’t eating fish on his own just yet, so he’s still on a diet of tube-fed fish gruel. The team is working to introduce George to fish—through a process they call “fish school”—and they’ll be looking for his interest and appetite to increase over the next few weeks. He is swimming in his pool, which is a positive sign.

George is also being treated for signs of an upper respiratory illness.

Animal Rescue is also caring for one other grey seal, nicknamed Edwin Hubble, and a harp seal, nicknamed Sally Ride. Edwin and Sally are now sharing a rehabilitation suite.

The rescue team recently celebrated its first seal release of the season at Assateague State Park, where Marie Tharp the harp seal returned to the Atlantic Ocean.

Stay tuned for more Animal Rescue updates!

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