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Animal Rescue Update: Double Seal Release!

For the first time in its history, National Aquarium Animal Rescue simultaneously released two rehabilitated seals. The two male greys, nicknamed Edwin Hubble and George Washington Carver, were released in Ocean City, Maryland, on May 23.

Published May 25, 2019

Early that morning, two National Aquarium Animal Rescue vehicles—each with one seal carrier inside—departed from the Animal Care and Rescue Center in Jonestown. Around 10 am, they drove onto the beach at 40th Street in Ocean City.

Double seal release

Hundreds of excited onlookers, including a group of young students, cheered as the team unloaded Edwin and George’s carriers onto the beach side by side.

Edwin was first out of his carrier and made his way down the beach fairly quickly. Not to be left behind, George quickly caught up when Edwin paused at the shoreline. George picked up his pace and dove into the waves without looking back. Edwin spent some time rolling in the waves before heading out to sea.

Edwin Hubble and George Washington Carver

Edwin was rescued from St. Augustine, Florida, after stranding multiple times down the coast during the month of March. Due to his previous travels, wayward Edwin has been outfitted with a satellite transmitter so the team can track his movements and location.

George was rescued on the beach in Ocean City in April. He was underweight and appeared to have some superficial wounds on his body and an upper respiratory infection. George quickly acclimated to his rehabilitation suite. He enjoyed swimming in his pool and started eating fish on his own after some time under our care.

Both seals shared a rehabilitation suite in their final weeks at the Animal Care and Rescue Center. Animal Rescue is still providing care for one rescue patient, nicknamed Albert Einstein, who is improving and now eating fish on his own!

Stay tuned for more Animal Rescue updates!

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