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  • Inner Harbor Experiencing a Severe Water Quality Event

    An algal bloom followed by a thermal inversion is changing the way the harbor looks and smells, and could potentially cause a fish die-off. Read More

    Published 5/27/2020

  • Mallows Bay: An Incidental Paradise

    The largest ghost fleet in the Western Hemisphere lies only 80 miles from the National Aquarium. Over the decades, this relic of America’s wartime resiliency has become a haven for coastal species—and now, it’s being recognized as a National Marine Sanctuary, serving as a model for future habitat restoration in the Chesapeake Bay watershed from the Inner Harbor to beyond. Read More

    Published 11/14/2019

  • Combatting Climate Change with Action

    A UN report released yesterday makes it clear: we must take significant steps to stop the negative impacts of climate change. Read More

    Published 9/26/2019

  • National Estuaries Week: Protecting Our Waterways

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to weaken protections under the Clean Water Act is disappointing, but we remain as committed as eve to improving water quality and watershed health—and you can help! Read More

    Published 9/19/2019

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