See The World in an Afternoon

Australia: Wild Extremes

See The World in an Afternoon

National Aquarium – Scarlet Ibis

See The World in an Afternoon

blacktip reef

See The World in an Afternoon

A trip to the National Aquarium can take you everywhere.

1. Dive into a vibrant, colorful coral reef

You don’t need to travel across the globe to dive beneath the surface of the ocean and discover the amazing diversity of life in an Indo-Pacific reef. In the underwater viewing area of Blacktip Reef, you’ll get a stunning look at sleek blacktip reef sharks, a 500-pound green sea turtle and hundreds of colorful fish. No wet suit required.

2. Journey down under

Wild and wonderful, Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes highlights the excitement and beauty of a northern Australia river gorge. From the striking Australian freshwater crocodile to the cheery gouldian finch, it’s always a g’day in Australia. Austalian freshwater crocodile

3. Retreat to the rain forest

At 85 degrees every day, there’s no better escape than the Upland Tropical Rain Forest. You’ll encounter tropical birds, sloths, golden lion tamarins and tortoises as you navigate through this immersive exhibit that boasts a diverse collection of plants and animals from rapidly disappearing habitats.  Scout the Baby Sloth and mother Ivy.  Photo property of National Aquarium.

4. Voyage to the open ocean

With camouflaging capabilities and a range that takes them through the temperate waters of the Pacific Ocean, giant Pacific octopuses aren’t easy to spot. A trip to the Surviving Through Adaptation exhibit, however, brings this otherworldly creature up close.  Giant Pacific octopus

5. Head north to cooler climates

See puffins at play in the North Atlantic to the Pacific exhibit. Then, journey through the ocean, making your way through kelp forests and coral reefs.  Atlantic Puffin

6. Unearth tiny tropical treasures

Even the most seasoned explorer may miss tiny poison dart frogs on a trip to South America. Take a closer look at these colorful amphibians when you visit the Hidden Life gallery. How many will you find?  Blue Poison Dart Frog

7. Travel the Chesapeake

The Chesapeake Bay is a treasure trove of incredible biodiversity, including the unique diamondback terrapin. A walk through the Maryland: Mountains to the Sea exhibit takes you from a mountain stream to a tidal marsh, down a coastal beach and into the Atlantic shelf—no hiking shoes needed.  Diamondback terrapin

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